William S.

You can’t say enough good things about Rebecca and Danzante Events. She gave 110% to make our wedding perfect. She was available around the clock, kept us on schedule, and found us the best service providers (florist, violin/cello duo, seat rental service, etc.) all within budget. We also threw her plenty of wild cards and she handled them like a pro and made it work.

She also has so many great ideas on how to embellish the ceremony. She even hand made decorations. So many people came up to us after the ceremony and said it was the most beautiful wedding they have been to. It was perfect to us.

Also, my husband is incredibly meticulous. He researched somewhere around 10 or 12 wedding coordinators. We had calls with four of them, we met personally with two of them and our gut said Rebecca, so we went with her. We go with our guts much more often now šŸ™‚